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Download Movie : The Big Bad (2011) DVDRip

Movie Title : The Big Bad (2011)
Movie Synopsis : A loner named Frankie enters a bar in a nowhere town, looking for a man no one seems to know... until a chance meeting in the ladies' room with an ill-tempered local lets Frankie know she's in the right place. Frankie befriends this disturbed barfly and discovers they were both screwed over by the same man: Fenton Bailey.
Their bonding is cut short, however, when Frankie shares a secret that pushes her new friend over the edge, throwing Frankie face-first into a world where she doesn't belong. Frankie knows a bit too much about Fenton for her own good, and there are those who plan on keeping her from ever finding him -- but Frankie is far more determined than expected. Her journey turns into a non-stop grotesque battle for revenge... and somebody ain't getting out alive.
Movie Release Date : 10 September 2011 (USA)
Movie Director : Bryan Enk
Movie Writer : Jessi Gotta
Movie Stars : Jessi Gotta, Jessica Savage, Timothy McCown Reynolds

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